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Roy Sonderegger

     Roy Sonderegger is the bassist of the Swiss Progressive/Technical Death/Djent Metal Band Mycelia since 2010. He has played in several bands before which influenced his style in different ways (Death Metal, Big Band Jazz, and Pop), always looking for a new challenge which he finally found in Mycelia, using finger-style, fast-slapping and also tapping-techniques.

     In early 2012, Mycelia started working on their first album �Isolator�. Containing six songs, which were all recorded, mixed and mastered by the band itself, the album quickly made its way across the internet, and the limited copies of 100 pieces were soon sold out. As the quality of their EP �Isolator� left a lot to be desired, the four guys started writing songs again, intending to soon release a second album. After a period of writing songs, playing concerts and spending a lot of time in their studio / band room, it was soon time for the band to find a mixing and mastering studio in order to make sure their second release would have the best sound quality. In Jocke Skog, guitarist of Clawfinger and co-producer of After the Burial�s "In Dreams" album, they found exactly what they were looking for. In a collaboration of two months with Jocke, Mycelia finished their album �NOVA� and released it in early 2013.

     I've been playing 6-string bass guitars for several years, but with the change in our Band "Mycelia" to only one guitar with 8 Strings in F# tuning, I had to find a more flexible tool to cover all our tonal and harmonic needs. After some research in the internet I found that little company called "Conklin Guitars & Basses", which produces bass guitars with 7 and more strings, what an intriguing path! In fact that the Conklin Custom Shop Basses are quiet costly, I started with an easier affordable "Groove Tools by Conklin" 7-string bass to get into that new 7-string thing and haven't regretted my decision once.
This quite huge instrument feels so smooth and the sound (even with flat EQs on my rig) just blows me away! It's so inspiring to play an instrument that acts so smooth and transponds all the expressions as I feel them.

     I'm now looking forward to receiving my first Custom Shop Machine, which will surely push me to another higher level.


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