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Pennal Johnson

     I am a Bassist, writer and entrepreneur from Chicago�s West Side, Illinois. I began playing bass guitar at the age of 8 years old. My cousin, a store-front preacher at the time, bought a bass guitar and a keyboard for his son to play. Since the bass guitar wasn�t an interest of his son, he passed it on to me. Though the instrument was much larger than me, I had no problems sliding my fingers up and down the neck to find the proper notes. It was during a time of practicing with my cousins that I realized I could play by ear, by hearing a note played on the keyboard and I was able match it with my bass. This was the beginning of a beautiful thing.

     While attending Hugh Manley High School in Chicago, I learned to read music and to go on and sharpen my bass playing skills. In sophomore year I was selected to be a part of Manley�s Jazz band. From there I was selected to be the bass player for The Chicago All-City Jazz Band from 1984 to 1987. During this time I received numerous awards which include �The Outstanding Soloist Award� at the Midwest Jazz Festival and �Outstanding Musician of the Year� from All City Jazz Band of Chicago.

     After High school I started playing professionally around the Chicago area and Gospel recording artist Rev. Jessy Dixon approached me and asked me to become the full-time bass player for him and his choir. It was Rev. Dixon, who taught me showmanship and how to be a professional musician. This position provided me with the opportunity to perform with the talents of Andre and Sandra Crouch, Kurt Carr and Abraham Laboriel.

     Currently I�m the bassist for Lubriphonic (Rock, Funk, and Hard Soul Band) and currently touring the USA. When not touring I�m doing clinics and studio sessions.

     My concept is simply to have FUN!!!


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