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Jeb Shelton

     Playing bass guitar for over 20 years, Jeb is as solid as they come. A natural performer, he brings passion and energy to the stage. His resume boasts more than 1,500 shows in 25 states, and his ardent work ethic is the cornerstone of his reputation.

     Born in Knoxville, TN, Jeb originally began pursuing his musical interests as a drummer. In high-school, his best friend who also played drums talked him into trying bass guitar so that they could form a band together. Quickly growing fond of the new challenge, he began to practice at an almost obsessive pace. He played in several other high-school bands before his first big opportunity came at age 17. Surrender Dorothy, a Knoxville rock band, climbed the top of the regional music scene with Jeb as their bass guitarist. He was playing to sold-out crowds before he was even finished with high-school.

     At the height of their popularity, the band split up and Jeb went on to attend college at The University of Ten nessee. After school, he moved to Missouri and again hit big on a professional music opportunity with the Springfield group, Hurry Sundown. He credits his most significant growth as a musician to his time with the group, as he improved his songwriting and harmony vocal skills, and practically lived on stage playing more than 200 shows a year.

     After enjoying more than 10 years of success with Hurry Sundown, Jeb moved to Nashville in 2007 where he now works as a bass guitarist and songwriter. Skilled in 4 and 5 string electrics as well as upright, he has an endorsement deal with Conklin Guitars and has worked with numerous Nashville recording artists including Trent Summar, Mindy Smith, Adam D. Tucker, and Daniel Smith. He is a young, ambitious professional with extensive road experience - still willing to travel anywhere, for any length of time. His life is truly one of music, and he enjoys it a little more, every time he plugs in.

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